cleanIT is a leading provider of Data Center Cleaning services.

We maintain optimal operating environments for Data Centers through comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and antistatic programs that exceed all health, safety and environmental requirements.

Why cleanIT

To truly optimize your Data Center, you need a very clean facility. Typical janitorial methods won’t work. In fact, they may do more harm than good. To eliminate the risk of data center errors, we use an antistatic cleaning program. Our specialized cleaning services improve server performance, efficiency and reduce downtime.

  • Optimize Data
  • Antistatic Clean
  • Reduce Downtime
10 Years of Experience

Floor Surface

A pristine appearance is only the beginning

To ensure a stable Data Center environment we deep clean the surface of all floors. This includes removal of all debris from every crack and crevice with professional HEPA/ULPA vacuum systems. Additional cleaning and static removal are an essential part of maintaining your floors surface. We use tech-scrubs to removed trapped particulate and use an anti-static access-floor approved solution to reduce the risk of static electricity.

Sub Floor

We go above and beyond by going below the floor

Subfloor cleaning is important step toward maintaining the optimum performance of your Data Center. At Clean IT, we have a methodical process to ensure your Data Center is free of all contaminants. We start by systematically lifting all accessible floor tiles using line-flow techniques from one side of the room to another. Next, we vacuum the entire surface using triple-filtered HEPA/ULPA vacuums with static/sound suppression — removing all particulate and ferrous materials. To ensure thorough removal of all contaminants we run laser testing of airborne particles.

Maintenance Standards Followed

  • ISO 14644
  • NFPA - (National Fire Protection Agency)
  • ASHRAE - (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers)
  • WHO - (World Health Organization)
  • ESD Association - (Electro Static Dissipation Association)
  • OSHA - (Occupational Safety & Hazard Association)

Our People

Qualified, Reliable & Thorough

“Quality control happens before we start the job. Our cleaning specialists have been trained to meet all industry standards and benchmarks. We require all employees to pass background checks for clearance in the most protected and secure environments.”

Sam Bienfait

Airborne Particle Count Sampling

Count Sampling

Regular sampling of your Data Center’s airborne particles is a good way to set your cleaning schedule. We use a laser particle counter to monitor your Data Center environment.

Recommended Cleaning Frequencies

Qualified, Reliable & Thorough
  • Under Floor

    Minimum of once per year.

  • Equipment and Cabinet Exteriors

    Minimum of once per quarter.

  • Floor Surfaces

    Minimum of once per week.

  • Environment – Walls, Sills, Ledges, etc.

    Minimum of once per quarter.

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